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The main analysis of the project work is now done, and we have very interesting results. We have started writing these up and make presentations for the coming ICES Theme Session in Hamburg, Germany, 25-28 September and our own Symposium in Copenhagen, Denmark, 10-11 October. For special questions contact Henrik Sparholt (henrik.sparholt@gmail.com).  

A Symposium will be held 10-11 October 2018 in DGI-BYEN Copenhagen, on "Optimizing sustainable fishing yields - ecosystem and management perspectives" .

In co-operation with ICES scientist the Fmsy project will be co-convening a Theme Session Q at the ICES Annual Science Conference in Hamburg 24-28 September 2018, on "Sustainability thresholds and ecosystem functioning: the selection, calculation, and use of reference points in fishery management".


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