Optimizing sustainable fishing yields - ecosystem and management perspectives 

Fish stocks in the North Atlantic are rebuilding and it is time to revisit what the optimal fishing pressure is. The technical basis are the so-called FMSY reference points. 
Ways of revising these are considered.

A scientific symposium organised by the “FMSY project” group

PROGRAM (subject to changes)
10-11 October 2018, DGI-byen, Tietgensgade 65, 1704 Copenhagen, Denmark

Day 2 – October 11, 2018

08:00 – Breakfast and networking hosted by the FMSY project
Chair:   Villy Christensen

09:00 – Historical catch data improvements (Claus Redtz Sparrevohn/Søren Anker Pedersen)
09:20 – Case studies with specific PROST calculations  (Henrik Sparholt/ Rob van Gemert)
09:40 – Varying population productivity, FMSY, and implications for sustainable levels of fishing.  (Joanne Morgan, DFO Canada)
10:00 – Trade off in management and MSY.
(Ken H. Andersen, DTU AQUA)
10:20 – Views on how to “bridge the gap” between the science available on these issues and the scientific advice/management.
(Anna Rindorf, DTU AQUA)

10:40 – Coffee and Networking

11:10 – Roundtable discussion – Should these new FMSY be implemented in advice and management and if so how?  Moderator: Villy Christensen. Participants: Martin Pastoors (Former ACOM Chair, now Dutch Pelagic Fishers), Ernesto Penas Lado (EU), Anna Rindorf (DTU AQUA/ ICES) TBC , Henrik Sparholt (FMSY project), Henrike Semmler  (OCEANA), TBC.
12.15 – Participant poll: Are we ready for implementation of updated FMSY values? (Søren Anker Pedersen, TBD)
12:30 – Reflections on the symposium from a manager’s perspective (Poul Degnbol TBC).
12:40 – Conclusion from the Fmsy project and what it could mean for fisheries management (Henrik Sparholt)

13:00 – 14:00 Lunch and networking hosted by the “FMSY project”


Day 1 – October 10, 2018

12:30 – Open for registration
Chair Carl Christian Schmidt
13:00 – Opening of Symposium. Carl Christian Schmidt, NMTT Chair.
13:10 – Opening speeches, Eva Kjer Hansen (Danish Minister of Fisheries), Ernesto Penas Lado (EU), Yimin Ye (Branch Head of FAO Marine and Inland Fisheries), and Anne Christine Brusendorff (ICES General Secretary).
Chair:   Jeremy Collie 13:40 – Setting the Scene. (Henrik Sparholt)
14:05 – Density dependence in fish populations. (Jan Horbowy) 
14:25 – The multispecies and ecosystem knowledge. (Daniel Howell)

14:50 – Coffee and Networking

15:20 – The cod in Barents Sea and Icelandic Waters experience and ways forward. (Bjarte Bogstad)
15:50 – Surplus production models and FMSY estimation. (Casper Berg TBC)
16:20 – Surplus production models: RAM Legacy, Froese et al. and resulting FMSY. (Mike Melnychuk)
16:50 – Results from SPiCT. (Rob van Gemert)
17:20 – “Exporting” the FMSY to other stocks. (Gunnar Stefanson)
17:50 – Closing for the day – chair 

18:00 – 21:30  Symposium Networking Buffet, hosted by the FMSY project – DGI Byen