Work package 9

Concluding work.

Based on the GLM analysis and back-transformation of the ecosystem Fmsy expressed in the “common currency” F to the F unit used for each stock by ICES. A complete list of new ecosystem based Fmsy values will be provided. These are directly applicable to each year’s short term projection option tables provided by ICES in the annual ICES Advice Report and can therefore directly be used by management when setting next year’s TAC.

This WP will also include 1) report writing to funding agencies, 2) paper writing for scientific journal. Science or Nature would be good to strive for, as the results are of global interest, and 3) final conference to present the results to the outside world (NMTT will arrange this). It will be a 24 hour conference starting at 13:00 and ending at 13:00 the following day.

Key persons: HS (Chair) and all others.